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URGENT - Action Items

Upcoming Events - #SupportUkraine

Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
Гуманітарна Допомога

 The Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation (UAFF) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. UAFF has partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to accept online donations to provide Humanitarian and Medical Aid to War Victims in Ukraine. 

Donate with PayPal Giving Fund

Or you can mail donation with check payable to: "Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation" or simply "UAFF", 562 Genesee St. Buffalo, NY 14204 USA. In the check memo section write "Humanitarian Fund" - Questions: (716) 847-1281

Click HERE to download, print and share a PDF flyer for donations 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her heroes! Слава Україні! Слава Героям! 

Ukraine needs YOUR Help

We must fight the war against Russian lies and disinformation.

Click the links below for sample letters, addresses, phone numbers and emails:  

  1. US President and White House
  2. US Senator Charles Schumer
  3. US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
  4. US Congressman Brian Higgins
  5. US Congressman Chris Jacobs
  6. Local and National Media

Click here for samples and details.

If you want to volunteer or donate something, click CONTACT FORM