Buffalo, New York Post 23
Corporal Wolodymyr Holynskyj Post

By Lt. Col. Miroslaus Malaniak PNC

A meeting to establish a Ukrainian American Veterans (UAV) Post in Buffalo, New York convened under the direction and leadership of William Drabyk. Charter members were Miroslaus \"Mark\" Malaniak, Michael Kinal, Michael Blendonohy, Ivan Makuch, and John Kicak. The meeting was held on 12 May 1978 at St. Basil\'s Church Hall, in Lancaster, N.Y.

The UAV National Headquarters officially presented the Charter of Ukrainian American Veterans Post 23 in May 1978.

Since its establishment, the post does not have a permanent headquarters and has conducted meetings at St. Basil\'s Church Hall, Ukrainian Home \"Dnipro,\" Ukrainian Civic Center, and presently at the Joseph Hriczko V.F.W. Post 6245.

The first slate of officers under the command of William Drabyk were: Vice Commander John Kicak, Adjutant Miroslaus Malaniak, Finance Officer Julian Konotopsky, Judge Advocate Andrew Diakun, and Chaplain Eugene Pivovarnik.

Due to change in employment, Cmdr. Drabyk left New York State and Miroslaus Malaniak was elected commander on 23 June 1979. Cmdr. Malaniak held this office until 26 March 1986, when Michael Liskiewicz assumed command.

On 14 November 1982 contact was made with Mrs. Julia (nee Holynskyj) Kapitanec to obtain permission to use the name of her brother, Wolodymyr Holynskyj, as the namesake for our post. Corporal Holynskyj was a Ukrainian immigrant who served in the U.S. Army and gave his life in the Korean conflict.

A ceremony in honor of Wolodymyr Holynskyj and dedication of Post Colors was held on 24 September 1983. Mr. George Palmer, a well known artist in the area was commissioned to paint an oil portrait of Cpl. Holynskyj for our post.

Since its inception, the Wolodymyr Holynskyj Post 23 took part in numerous Ukrainian American activities. These activities included: The annual Ukrainian Independence Day celebration held in January and August, the 20th anniversary of the consecration and dedication of the Taras Shevchenko Monument and anti-Russification rally held on 17 March 1985 in Washington, D.C., the celebration of the Millennium of Ukrainian Christianity in 1988, memorial ceremonies held at the Vietnam monument in Buffalo, N.Y., 45th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the \"Vinok\" Beamsville Ukrainian Festival in Canada, Ukrainian American Veterans Memorial Day services, and various other veteran celebrations and activities.

The current Post 23 Commander is Michael Liskiewicz. For more information about Post 23, contact: