Ukrainians Of Buffalo

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- Ability to negotiate Dnipro hall rental prices and terms

- Email and/or phone updates of events happening at Dnipro

- Bring up to 6 guests to the bar and kitchen on Friday nights

- Invitation for your kids to participate in Ukrainian organizations 

- Receive a cool membership card with your name on it every year!


Social Membership is $20 per year and a current member must know who you are to be eligible for membership.


NYS Liquor law does not allow Dnipro to sell alcohol to non-members except at public events Ukrainian American Day and "Malanka" New Years Dance

Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center at
562 Genesee Street in Buffalo, New York

...was built in 1914 and purchased by the Ukrainian American community in 1955. Most of the founding members were recent immigrants to America that had been displaced from their Ukrainian homeland by World War Two. They sought to establish a community center where they could maintain their cultural identity, pass their heritage onto their children, socialize, and organize political structures that would continue the struggle for an independent Ukraine.

So it was natural that they would name their new Ukrainian Home after the largest river in Ukraine; which flows past the capital of Kiev south to Odessa, and empties into the Black Sea.

Over the course of the past half-century, DNIPRO has hosted hundreds of profound and life-changing events; such as weddings, christenings, concerts, movies, childrens programs, banquets, lectures and meetings. For decades, almost anything important that happened in the Ukrainian American community in Buffalo, happened at DNIPRO, or was intensely discussed at DNIPRO.

In October of 2005, we celebraed our 50th anniversary at DNIPRO.To prepare for the future, DNIPRO has initiated a fund raising campaign to modernize our building and provide more, and better, services for the Ukrainian American Community in Buffalo and Western New York. DNIPRO is a part of the Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation, which is an IRS recognized “501C3 charitable organization”. All donations are tax deductible.

The DNIPRO Fund for New Tables and Chairs has a goal of $7,000 with the purpose of making events in the Main Hall (Velika Zalya) more comfortable. A donation of $250 per family will buy one round table and 8 chairs.

The DNIPRO Building Renovation Fund has a goal of $100,000. We have already paved the parking lot and installed a new heating system in the Taras Shevchenko Library. Additional projects include restoration of the front façade and columns of the building, replacement of the roof (which is in very bad shape), additional work on the heating system, electrical and ventilation upgrades, and complete repair and painting of the interior of the building.

Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center is a Non for Profit 501(C)(3) Thank You for your donation!


 Thinking about where to have your next event?

Show your friends, family, and co-workers the one and only Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center! 

Since 1914, Buffalo has chosen Dnipro for thousands of events:

- Indoor and outdoor festivals
- Performance art displays
- Wedding receptions
- Bridal Showers and Stags
- Live music concerts  
- Fundraisers and banquets
- Movie filming and premiers  
- Theatrical shows 
- Dance recitals
- Barbecues and picnics
- Meetings and conferences  
- Birthdays and retirements

Dnipro will provide a professional bartender (for cash or prepaid bar); and hundreds of chairs and dozens of tables for your event; and can accommodate catering and music by request.



1st floor - Bar and Lounge - 1,500 sqft

*(Desktop users right-click on a photo and open it in another window
  Smartphone users hold phone horizontally and pinch with 2 fingers)

Featuring high curve-vaulted ceilings supported by 6 octagonal roman columns reminiscent of European renaissance architecture. Includes access to secure parking lot and 1st floor bathrooms; and 1st floor kitchen by request. Max 125 people. Ask about long-term lease or periodical availability.


1st floor - Library and Conference Room - 1,500 sqft

Featuring upgrades to technology, lighting and furniture; and renovations to flooring, paint, and electric. Internet connected computer, TV, and projector provided. Perfect for meetings, conferences, and movie premiers. Includes access to secure parking lot and 1st floor bathrooms; and bar and lounge by request. Max 75 people. Ask about long-term lease or periodical availability.


 2nd floor - Great Hall - 6,000 sqft

The Heart of Dnipro, featuring hand painted floor-to-ceiling murals and 26' tall ceilings. Our main stage can accommodate live music or a performance. Includes access to secure parking lot and 2nd floor bathrooms; and 2nd floor Bar and Lounge, VIP, and catering rooms by request. Max 350 people. Ask about long-term lease or periodical availability.


2nd floor - Bar and Lounge - 1,500 sqft

Featuring 13' foot tall ceilings and beautiful original artworks by Ukrainian artist Marian Boraczok. Perfect for banquets, birthday parties, music concerts. Includes access to 2nd floor catering room and bathrooms; and VIP room by request. Max 125 people. Ask about long-term lease or periodical availability.


3rd floor - Recreation Room and Art Studio - 1,500 sqft

Featuring 13' foot high ceilings and towering windows with distant views of the South Buffalo tree canopy. Perfect for theatre, music concerts, and art displays. Includes access to secure parking lot; and 2nd floor bathrooms and bar and lounge by request. Maximum 125 people. Available for long-term lease.


Backyard Green Space and Parking Lot - 20,000 sqft

Featuring a massive outdoor urban oasis with recreational activities adjacent to the parking lot. Perfect for concerts, festivals, vendor shows, barbecues, birthday parties, and fundraisers. Includes access to 1st floor bathrooms; and 1st floor kitchen, bar, and lounge by request. Max 1000 people. Ask about long-term lease or periodical availability.


Rooftop Photography Session

Breathtaking 360 degree views featuring the Buffalo skyline with views to the Boston hills.
Maximum 4 people allowed on the roof at any time for accountability reasons. 
Rentals are priceless!