Fundraiser 2022 Event Facebook Page: Aid For Ukraine Fundraiser Event

Print a PDF flyer and post it on bulletin boards: Aid For Ukraine 2022

Fundraiser Price List:

- Potato pierogies – $13 a dozen or 6 pierogi for $7 (Available for Pre-Order to Go)

- Cheese pierogis – $15 a dozen (Available for Pre-Order to Go)

- Cabbage rolls – $3 each (Available for Pre-Order to Go)

- Freedom fighter platter - 1 cabbage roll, 3 pierogi, sausage/kraut/ bread - $15 

- Sausage combo platter – sausage/kraut/bread and 3 pierogi - $12 

- Sausage with kraut & bread – $8

- Cabbage roll combo - 4 pierogi, 1 cabbage roll - $8

- Easter Bread - PASKA - $10 (Available for Pre-Order to Go)


 If you want to help defend Ukraine from the Russian invasion, then please contribute at PayPal - Click Here

Or make your check payable to: Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation (UAFF) Medical and Self Defense Account # 1100443653 c/o, Ukrainian Federal Credit Union 562 Genesee St. Buffalo, NY 14204 USA



Dear Friend of Democracy, Freedom, and Peace:

More than 14,000 people have been killed during the most recent Russian war against Ukraine, which began in 2014. Many thousands more have been crippled, disabled, or severely injured; and more then 1.5 million civilians have been displaced, or are internal refugees.

Our small volunteer group in Buffalo, NY organized "Aid For Ukraine" fundraiser to rase money for humanitarian efforts.

Since 2014 we have already made hundreds of shipments of humanitarian aid including sleeping bags, winter coats, boots, socks, tourniquets, bandages, syringes, wheel chairs, and emergency respiratory equipment. Total weight of shipments is much more than 50,000 pounds. From 2014 through 2019 the Buffalo Ukrainian Community has raised $91,208 and we have spent $90,552. Most of our expenses have been for shipping and transportation which has allowed us to leverage several million dollars of medical aid donated by generous American  organizations. We also helped displaced people, orphanages, families that lost loved ones and wounded soldiers.


URGENT - Action Items

Upcoming Events - #SupportUkraine

Friday, May 20 - “Vyshyvanka” Ukrainian Embroidery Celebration at Dnipro.  Ukrainian patriotic music, delicious dinner, and well-spent time of friends who support Ukraine, love Ukrainian traditions and proudly wear their Ukrainian embroidery Bar open 5-11 pm, Kitchen open 5-9 pm, 562 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14204


Saturday, May 21, 11 AM – 6 PM - Help for Ukraine Fundraiser at 200 Como Park Blvd, Buffalo, NY 14224. Ukrainian food and baked goods, basket raffle, Ukrainian merchandise. All proceeds go towards the support of victims of war in Ukraine. See it on Facebook

Sunday, May 29, 11:55 pm - Memorial Day Midnight Ride for Ukraine at College St, Buffalo, NY 14201. Wear your blue and yellow colors in solidarity, multiple random stops, bonfire and music at the end. Ride starts at midnight, bring a bike. See it on Facebook

Ukraine needs YOUR Help

We must fight the war against Russian lies and disinformation.

Click the links below for sample letters, addresses, phone numbers and emails:  

  1. US President and White House
  2. US Senator Charles Schumer
  3. US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
  4. US Congressman Brian Higgins
  5. US Congressman Chris Jacobs
  6. Local and National Media

Click here for samples and details.

If you want to volunteer or donate something, click CONTACT FORM