Ukrainians Of Buffalo & WNY

World News

  1. The former owner and former president of a Vermont ski resort accused in a multimillion-dollar fraud case have been indicted on multiple federal charges over a failed plan to build a biotech facility using foreign investors' money
  2. A top associate of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been sentenced to 20 days in jail in connection with an unsanctioned protest rally last year
  3. A state human rights commission says a morgue in western Mexico was so overcrowded and poorly run that some unidentified bodies were left to rot for two years before being autopsied
  4. Iran's supreme leader publicly chastised the country's moderate president and foreign minister, saying he disagreed with the implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal they had negotiated with world powers
  5. Mexico's National Human Rights Commission says vigilante attacks in which mobs injured or killed people they suspected of wrongdoing are increasing