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  • Syria, Skripal and MH17: how Bellingcat broke the news – podcast

    In 2012, Eliot Higgins began blogging about the news from his front room in Leicester. Seven years later, his investigative website Bellingcat has been responsible for revealing key aspects of some of the world’s biggest stories. And: Jonathan Freedland on the result of Theresa May’s meaningful vote

    Eliot Higgins first became known for his investigations into the Syrian civil war, which he published on his blog Brown Moses. Higgins then went on to found Bellingcat, an investigative website that uses open source tools to expose the truth behind global news stories.

    Higgins, who is the subject of a new documentary, tells Anushka Asthana how he and his international team of volunteers have gone about investigating some of the biggest stories of recent times, including the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine and the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in the UK. He examines the importance of this type of work in an era of fake news and the impact it has had on his professional and personal life.

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  • Self-destructive dance superstar Sergei Polunin: 'Ukraine put me on a list of terrorists'

    He was sacked from the Paris Opera Ballet after homophobic and sexist online rants. In an exclusive interview, he talks about the joy of self-sabotage – and his Vladimir Putin tattoo

    It is four months since Sergei Polunin used Instagram to destroy his career. And what a job he made of it. When the Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal dancer praised Vladimir Putin and showed off his chest tattoo of the Russian president, told his male colleagues that they’d better man up and suggested that fat people needed a slap, he pretty much alienated the whole world. In January, the Paris Opera Ballet announced it had fired the Ukrainian, just after announcing it had hired him to play the lead in Swan Lake. The bad boy of ballet lost virtually everything – acting and modelling jobs, a Ted talk, sponsorship.

    It was a supreme act of self-sabotage – but by no means his first. This is the man who walked out of the Royal Ballet eight years ago, aged only 21, when he was already being compared to Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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  • Andrzej Krauze on the elections in Ukraine

    A presidential vote is due on 31 March, against a backdrop of armed conflict in the east of the country

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