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  • US broadens Russia sanctions as Ukraine president visits Trump

    Figures linked to businessman called ‘Putin’s cook’ among new individuals and companies added to Washington’s sanctions list

    Washington has broadened its sanctions against Russian companies and officials, on the same day Donald Trump welcomed the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, to the White House.

    The US added a new batch of Russian individuals and companies to its sanctions list, including those linked to a shadowy businessman known as “Putin’s cook”.

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  • Ukrainian president to 'drop in' on Donald Trump during Washington visit

    Hours before Petro Poroshenko’s arrival, details of the meeting had still not been confirmed with the apparently reluctant US president

    Donald Trump is expected to meet the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, at the White House on Tuesday but the encounter is likely to be a brief and leave questions unanswered over the administration’s commitment to Ukraine.

    By the time Poroshenko had left Kiev on Monday, the meeting with Trump had still not been confirmed, but was still being negotiated with an apparently reluctant US president.

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  • Europe’s border shifts and citizenship denial
    I don’t know what my grandfather – who served in the German army in the first world war and was murdered in the Holocaust – would have considered his nationality to be, writes Christina Craig

    I too have been denied German citizenship (Letters, 17 June) because my mother and grandfather, both victims of Nazism, have been determined not to be German. This ruling ignores the historical context of fluid nations and borders. My mother came to England in 1939 on the Kindertransport. She was born in Berlin in 1925 to a German mother, whose German family is documented for three generations. But my grandfather came from Kolomyja. When he was born, Kolomyja was in the Austro-Hungarian empire. But at the end of both world wars, nations and their boundaries were redrawn. In 1919 Kolomyja found itself part of the newly created Polish republic. In 1945 it was transferred to Ukraine. My grandfather served in the German army in the first world war, spoke German and lived and worked in Berlin for 20 years until he was deported in 1938 by the Nazis. He was murdered in a forced labour camp. I do not know what he would have considered his nationality to be or if the concept had any meaning for him. I do know that he was murdered in the Holocaust because he was a Jew who lived in Germany.
    Christina Craig

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