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18 November 2019

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18 November 2019

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  • Trump impeachment: security figures had concerns about Sondland's role in Ukraine

    Former security official Tim Morrison testifies about worries over conduct of US ambassador to EU

    A former top US security official was concerned about the role of the US ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, in Donald Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine to carry out political investigations in return for military aid.

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  • Trump personally kept pressure on Ukraine, says impeachment inquiry witness

    David Holmes, diplomat at the US embassy in Kiev, says Trump did not ‘give a shit’ about Ukraine and only cared about what would benefit him politically

    Donald Trump personally kept up pressure on Ukraine to carry out investigations he had requested in a phone call with a senior US diplomat, who then observed the president did not “give a shit” about Ukraine and only cared about what would benefit him politically, according to dramatic new testimony in congressional impeachment hearings.

    In a deposition to the House committees investigating the Ukraine scandal, David Holmes, a diplomat at the US embassy in Kiev, described an extraordinary phone call between Trump and the US ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, on 26 July.

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  • The impeachment hearings are a battle between oligarchy and democracy | Heather Cox Richardson

    Official US policy in Ukraine was to promote rule of law, but the Trump administration sided against it, hearings have shown

    Since the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry in late September into the actions of Donald Trump over his withholding of aid to Ukraine, the Republican defenders of the president have dismissed the inquiry on the ground that hearings were held behind closed doors. On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee, charged by House speaker Nancy Pelosi with spearheading the investigation, answered those complaints by opening public hearings. Deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs George P Kent and Charge d’Affaires for Ukraine William Taylor were the first public witnesses on Wednesday. On Friday, former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was the third, testifying about the events surrounding her abrupt removal from her position in May 2019.

    For all their complicated names and dates, what has emerged at the hearings is a clear picture of an epic battle between the rule of oligarchs, who pervert government to suit their own interests, and the rule of law, in which everyone has the same right to representation and legal protection.

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