Ukrainians Of Buffalo & WNY

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Welcome to UkrainiansOfBuffalo.com where you will find everything about the Ukrainian Community in Buffalo and Western New York, including news and current events; and the location of churches, organizations, cultural centers, and businesses. Also, there's a lot of helpful information for new Ukrainian immigrants, including immigration laws, English language schools, job openings, and ideas to save money and settle in Buffalo.

Our Web Site is frequently updated with new content, images, stories and videos of the Ukrainian Community in Buffalo and Western New York.

Register on our website and communicate in our forum with others like yourself. Ask questions, or tell a story about your life or about your Ukrainian parents. If you have some information about Ukrainians in Buffalo and Western New York for our website, please email it to us and we will try to post it.

We are proud to be Ukrainian - Americans. We have a very rich culture and history and we love to share it with the world.

May God continue to bless Ukraine and Buffalo, NY USA !

Slava Ukrayini !

Вітаємо Вас на сайті Українців Баффало та Західного Нью Йорку!